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Sober Activities To Do During Spring

Spring in Las Vegas provides a wide variety of activities to enjoy, catering to those who are trying to maintain a sober lifestyle. From picnicking in parks to hiking nearby trails, and volunteering, there’s plenty to do that encourages a healthy lifestyle whether you’re on spring break or live in Las Vegas year-round. 

Have a Picnic Lunch

Las Vegas has a significant number of outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed while having a picnic lunch. Consider packing your favorite foods and treats and heading over to the iconic Red Rock Canyon. Admire the red rocks while you eat lunch outdoors and spend time in nature.

Take a Hike

After enjoying lunch at Red Rock Canyon, choose from miles and miles of scenic hiking trails. There are trails that range from easy to difficult, making it an option for all fitness levels. Hiking is a great option if you’re on a family vacation or even if you’re wanting some alone time. Exploring different trails and being immersed in nature can also potentially reduce your chances of relapse

Go Scuba Diving

Did you know you can scuba dive in Las Vegas? The Lake Mead National Recreation Area enables visitors to experience an underwater adventure and its natural beauty. Being in water can also sometimes help improve your well-being and reduce stress.


Giving back to the community is always a great way to spend your time. Consider volunteering at a local non-profit, youth program, or animal shelter. Spending time helping others can be an effective way to take the focus off your own life and help put things in perspective. 

Go Rock Climbing

Many local outfitters in the Las Vegas area provide rock climbing courses for beginners, some might also be free or low-cost. The Red Rocks area is considered to have some of the best climbing in the United States. Plus, rock climbing is a great physical activity that gets you outside while improving mental health and can promote mindfulness (through concentration and slowing down your breathing). If you’ve already completed a detox or rehab program and are looking for an exciting new hobby, rock climbing might be an option. 

Visit the Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve is a 180-acre area filled with botanical gardens, interactive exhibits, and trails. You can even learn about the history and ecology of the local area. It can also be the perfect outing to do with friends or solo. 

Whether you’re trying to have a sober spring break, on college spring break, on family vacation, or live in Las Vegas year-round, there are plenty of activities to enjoy that don’t involve drinking or drugs – and many that involves fresh air and help manage stress. Staying sober doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and experience adventures outside or in the community. 

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