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Patricia A. Evans

Patricia A. Evans, MA, LCADC, LCADC-S is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor, and Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor Supervisor in the state of Nevada.   Patricia has worked with individuals and families with addictions and mental health issues for over 35 years.   She has been a licensed counselor specializing in treating co-occurring disorders for several years in the state of Nevada. As a clinician, she has provided counseling services to individuals affected by trauma and addiction issues. In addition to her experience with direct clinical work, she has also served as a board-approved clinical supervisor for addiction counselor interns.
Left untreated, the mental health services administration suggests chronic disease is one of the early signs of addiction
Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Signs You Need Rehab

Recognizing the need for rehab for substance use disorder can be difficult. Substance abuse and drug abuse can lead to significant consequences, impacting physical health, mental health, relationships, and overall well-being. It is crucial to identify the signs that indicate the need for professional help at a rehab facility for

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Preventing substance abuse
Drug & Alcohol Rehab

How to Prevent Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a serious issue that can have devastating consequences on individuals, families, and communities. While there is no guaranteed way to prevent someone from abusing drugs and alcohol, there are steps that everyone can take to reduce the risk. Understanding How to Prevent Substance Abuse To effectively prevent

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Exploring the Realm of Co-Occurring Disorders
Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Understanding What Are Co-Occurring Disorders: A Comprehensive Guide to Dual Diagnosis

What are co-occurring disorders? Simply put, they are when an individual faces both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder at the same time. Understanding and treating these disorders can be complex, but this guide will clarify the intricacies and offer insight into integrated treatment paths that foster

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enabling behaviors
Drug & Alcohol Rehab

How To Avoid Enabling Behaviors For My Loved One in Substance Abuse Recovery?

Substance abuse is a complex issue that affects not only the individual using drugs or alcohol but also their families. As a family member, you may feel helpless and frustrated as you watch your loved one struggle with addiction. It’s natural to want to help them in any way possible, but sometimes, our efforts can actually enable a loved one’s addiction.

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