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Addiction Therapy

Our premier drug and alcohol rehab in Las Vegas is here to help anyone struggling with substance use problems break free from their addiction and live stronger, healthier lives in sobriety. Don’t let a substance use disorder hold you back any longer — start your new life in recovery at our drug and alcohol rehab today.

Drug Addiction Therapy

Empowering Change with Meaningful Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction can take over your life. It can impact your personal and professional life and cause health issues, including putting you at risk of overdosing. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are approximately 20 million Americans with a substance use disorder at any given time. There is help you can turn to, however. AtLuxe Treatment Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, we offer drug addiction treatment options to help you regain control, prevent relapse, and start enjoying a drug-free life.

Detoxification and Stabilization

To begin addiction treatment, the first step is to remove the drug from your body. This means going through a detox process. At our substance abuse center, we offer medical detox to make this step easier and safer for everyone. Withdrawal symptoms can be very uncomfortable, and attempting to detox on your own can lead to relapses, so turning to medical detox is the best option. At our drug treatment program, we will monitor you 24/7 to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and that the withdrawal symptoms do not overwhelm you. If you have a heroin, meth, or prescription medication substance use disorder, American Addiction Centers and other specialists recommend turning to medical detox. Throughout addiction treatment, you will also receive medication-assisted treatment to help with relapse prevention and to help you avoid severe cravings.

Inpatient Rehab

For those with a drug abuse problem who have just gone through detoxification, inpatient treatment programs can be the most helpful. Inpatient care offers the support and structure you need to tackle the various drug addiction therapy options we offer at our addiction treatment center. If your environment is not conducive to drug addiction recovery, inpatient rehab allows you to avoid the stressors in that environment that may be hindering you from getting healthy. It can also be the right choice for those at higher risk of relapsing and those who are battling co-occurring mental healthconcerns. Inpatient treatment programs are an intensive option that can provide the healing environment many people need as they work through challenging symptoms. They require you to attend therapy sessions on your own and with others who are in treatment for similar addictions. Inpatient treatment programs can help you put the strategies you learn in therapy into use, increasing your confidence in your recovery.

Behavioral Therapy

At our drug addiction therapy treatment center, we offer behavioral therapies to help you understand your addiction and how you can make the changes necessary for recovery. Some of the individual therapy methods based on behavioral treatments we offer include:
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Client-directed, outcome-informed therapy
  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Strength-based, solution-focused therapy
  • Reality therapy
  • Seeking safety therapy
  • Narrative therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Positive psychology
  • Contingency management
  • Motivational enhancement therapy
Behavioral therapies can provide incentives for staying sober while also making it easier to change attitudes and behaviors that might be affecting addiction treatment. These types of therapies can teach you how to honestly evaluate your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and attitudes, and they can help you develop new ways of thinking about problems.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on changing the way you think and behave. Your thoughts and beliefs play a big role in your behavior, with negative thoughts trapping you in a cycle of negative behaviors. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can teach patients how to deal with problems by breaking them up into smaller pieces and how to recognize and change negative thought patterns. It focuses on present issues and not on past actions. With cognitive-behavioral therapy, you can learn better ways of coping with stressors and mental health concerns. It can teach you to recognize distorted thinking and to use problem-solving skills to deal with complex situations. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can also employ strategies to help you face fears instead of avoiding them. You can learn to calm your mind and relax your body when dealing with stressful situations.

Contingency Management

One of the behavioral therapies we use at our addiction treatment center is contingency management. This type of therapy uses positive incentives to reinforce positive behaviors. During contingency management, you can receive a reward for achieving some goal, like remaining sober for a set amount of time. It is a very effective therapy option for prolonging sobriety, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This option for treating drug addiction has many benefits, including:
  • Reinforcing a commitment to sobriety
  • Reinforcing medication compliance during recovery
  • Encourages regular program attendance
  • Discourages leaving the treatment program against medical advice
With contingency management therapy, you can relearn what positive incentives are and find the motivation you need to stay in addiction treatment.

Motivational Enhancement Drug Addiction Therapy

Motivational enhancement therapy, or motivational interviewing, is a person-centered therapeutic approach that focuses on a patient’s motivation to recover from drug abuse and change the behaviors that might have led to substance abuse. The primary goal of motivational enhancement therapy is to overcome resistance to behavior changes. It is a type of behavioral therapy that strives to increase motivation by pinpointing the problem and adjusting self-defeating thoughts or actions. It can also help increase confidence in your ability to change. To do this, this type of behavioral therapy encourages patients to make self-motivating statements that show a clear idea of what the problem is and their resolve to change. During a session of motivational enhancement therapy, therapists strive to create a supportive environment so that patients feel respected and accepted. Therapists also engage in reflective listening while directing attention to discrepancies between the person’s desired state of being and the person’s life. This discrepancy can help patients recognize how their behavior prevents them from reaching their goals. If the person poses resistance during therapy sessions, a therapist following this type of therapeutic system will try to defuse the situation to avoid further defensiveness. It is a type of therapy that can lengthen periods of abstinence, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and it can even help reduce the severity of substance abuse.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology therapies can be strength-based, solution-focused therapy as well as reality-based therapy, each focusing on your internal strengths instead of on your weaknesses or perceived failures. It offers an opportunity to highlight the resourcefulness of each patient.

Humanistic Therapies

Explore the Possibilities Within You

Healthy substance-free living requires ongoing maintenance of the entire being – mind, body, and spirit. Humanistic therapy, as practiced here at Luxe Treatment Center, offers a positive therapeutic approach that focuses on your individual nature. It’s a way of looking at the whole person. This is true not only from the therapist’s viewpoint but also from you, the patient. Through humanistic therapy, you focus on your present feelings, without dwelling on past actions or events. With humanistic therapy, the emphasis is on your positive traits and behaviors. You learn how to attain strong mental growth through your own inherent abilities and personal instincts. This type of therapy is effective not only in treating addiction, but also depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

Tapping Potential, Commanding Respect

In the humanistic realm, self-acceptance is an important aspect. You learn how to cherish and respect yourself, thereby encouraging others to view you likewise. Rather than fall into the trap that you are never worthy of, you come to realize that there is goodness and positivity within you. And you begin to see the potential that is waiting to be tapped. Consequently, feeling better about yourself can lead to more favorable decisions and actions. You will see those positive influences throughout our friendly treatment facility. Family-style meals, prepared by a professional chef, provide delicious sustenance as well as an opportunity to look forward to “meal time” with other Luxe residents. We provide plenty of space on our splendidly landscaped grounds for you to meditate, reflect or merely take in the pleasant sights as you walk the picturesque property.

Actively Pursue Your Passions

As you are going through your humanistic therapy, you can benefit greatly from various holistic, or experiential, activities that enable you to tap into the things that give you pleasure or joy. Here at Luxe Treatment Center, we make a number of those activities available to you, both on our beautiful grounds and in the peaceful park across the street. Among the various experiential activities that we offer are:
  • Art Therapy
  • Basketball
  • Exercise & Physical Training
  • Music Therapy
  • Culinary Therapy
  • >Tai Chi
  • Recreational Therapy
This holistic, activity-based approach is available to you at whatever level you choose to participate. You simply engage in those activities that you are passionate about or that interest you most. These relaxing pursuits should allow you to explore your physical and mental capabilities. At the same time, they can lead to greater self-awareness and a more positive state of mind. Enjoy them with others, when possible, so that you can interact with those possessing shared experiences and quests for similar goals.

The Value of Your Uniqueness

Everyone has his or her unique way of viewing the world. We are all different. We all have our own distinct talents, preferences, and predispositions. Within that difference is the potential to accomplish things that are truly our own. Humanistic therapy, as applied at Luxe Treatment Center, opens you up to all of those exciting possibilities. We offer powerful tools for recovery, including options for individual therapy and group therapy. Together with behavioral therapy options like contingency management and motivational enhancement therapy, humanistic therapy can give you a new self-awareness and respect for your value as a human being…and, ultimately, to redirect you to an amazing path of self-discovery. Learn more about drug addiction treatment programs by contacting us today.

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