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Inpatient Rehab Las Vegas

Our premier drug and alcohol rehab in Las Vegas is here to help anyone struggling with substance use problems break free from their addiction and live stronger, healthier lives in sobriety. Don’t let a substance use disorder hold you back any longer — start your new life in recovery at our drug and alcohol rehab today.

Residential Rehab: Quality Care that You Deserve

For people struggling with substance abuse who have just gone through detox, residential treatment at addiction treatment centers can offer the support and monitoring needed for a strong and lasting recovery.

At ourinpatient rehab Las Vegas centerwe offer personalized care that provides guidance and structure as you begin your recovery from a substance use disorder. With experienced medical professionals at your side, you do not have to worry about being uncomfortable or experiencing serious cravings as you begin the process.

Medical Detox

The next step is to begin your medical detox at our treatment facility. Detoxing is the process that helps remove traces of the substance to which you have an addiction from your body. Detoxing on your own is a very dangerous thing to do, especially with substances like alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. The severe withdrawal symptoms can put your life at risk and can increase your chance of relapsing. When you turn to inpatient rehab in Las Vegas, you can get medical supervision and medication for this process. You can avoid the worst of the detox process and begin your recovery with a more positive experience.

Examination and Assessment

The first step in your recovery journey is your assessment and examination. At our center for inpatient rehab in Las Vegas, Nevada, we do this as soon as you come into our residential treatment facility. We will perform a full physical examination to see what the best inpatient treatment options are for your particular circumstances. This examination allows us to pair you with the right treatment team.

Inpatient Rehab Las Vegas Drug Program

Once you have gone through the detox process, you can get the most out of the residential treatment options we offer. We provide a supportive atmosphere with group therapy, family therapy, individual therapy, and positive activities that can help you regain a sense of grounding and mindfulness.

Our luxurious and welcoming addiction treatment facilities allow you to spend your recovery period as comfortably as possible in a safe and judgment-free environment.

This drug addiction treatment program offers humanistic therapies that can help you experience joy and pleasure in a more positive manner. We offer:

  • Art therapy
  • Exercise and physical training
  • Basketball
  • Yoga therapy
  • Music therapy

You can participate in these activities whenever you want to, and we highly encourage doing so with other people. Active therapy options like these can offer great opportunities to interact with others and improve social skills.

We also offer medication-assisted treatment. As you begin your therapy sessions, you do not want the severe cravings that are common for people who have just gone through drug and alcohol detox. With the right medications helping you, you can get through this process while lowering the chances of relapse.
Inpatient treatment can be highly beneficial for those seeking help. Inpatient addiction treatment ensures there are no negative influences in your environment that could lead you to relapse. It offers a relaxed environment that is removed from everyday worries and stressors so that you can focus on addiction treatment.

It is also a way to know you are not alone in your experience of substance abuse. It is common for people to feel isolated, which can make the addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorders worse.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

At our inpatient rehab Las Vegas recovery center, we can help treat addiction with co-occurring disorders. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, about 50% of people with substance use disorders have co-occurring mental health conditions. People tend to use alcohol or drugs to manage symptoms of psychological distress, exacerbating both the mental health concern and the substance use disorder.

Luxe Treatment Center can help with many conditions, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Trauma

To help treat these mental health concerns, our inpatient drug rehab in Las Vegas includes behavioral therapy and holistic therapies.

Behavioral therapy

Our treatment programs offer individual and group therapy that focuses on behavioral health.Behavioral therapy is an umbrella term under which many different types of therapy options fall. The goal of behavioral therapy is to help people identify and change potentially negative behavior. The basis of this type of specialized treatment is the idea that you learn behaviors, so you can also learn to change them.Some types of behavioral therapy include cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and more.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is particularly helpful when undergoing substance abuse treatment with a co-occurring condition. This type of treatment centers on not only recognizing patterns of action but also recognizing patterns of thoughts. It can teach you how your thoughts and beliefs can influence your actions, giving you tools you can use to change those negative thoughts and beliefs.

We can tell you more about this treatment program option when you turn to our inpatient drug rehab in Las Vegas.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is another treatment option we offer at our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Las Vegas. Motivational interviewing is a counseling method that can strengthen personal motivation and commitment to a specific goal. For people battling substance abuse, one of the most difficult aspects of addiction treatment programs is to find the motivation necessary to get and stay sober.

Motivational interviewing treats motivation as an interpersonal process. At substance abuse treatment centers like ours, we call each session of this therapy type an interview. The therapist is a collaborator, not the leader of the conversation, and the patient gets to set the goals they want to achieve.
This can all help someone with a substance use disorder realize that they have control over their experience and over their own recovery. The patient has autonomy and freedom, which encourages them to continue making goals in their recovery process. Because this therapy does not focus on treating the underlying cause of the substance abuse, it works best when paired with other substance abuse treatment therapy options.

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If you need inpatient rehab in Las Vegas, Nevada, we can offer the quality treatment program you deserve. For people who need addiction treatment, we have facilities that are safe and that encourage sobriety.

You will receive detox services as well as access to support groups in the recovery community and the individualized care you need to get healthier at your own speed. Contact us to learn more about our addiction treatment center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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When you or a loved one are ready to embark on the journey to recovery from addiction, Luxe Treatment Center is here to support you. Our personalized approach to substance use disorder treatment empowers individuals to conquer addiction and rediscover a fulfilling life. Reach out to Luxe Treatment Center by filling out our online form or calling us at (725) 215-8459 to take the first step toward healing. Let us guide you on the path to reclaiming your life and embracing a brighter future.

Insurance Can Cover up to 100% of The Costs of Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Care

Did you know that insurance can cover up to 100% of the costs of addiction treatment and mental health care? Our addiction treatment center accepts most insurance plans. For a free insurance benefits check complete our confidential insurance verification form by clicking the link below.

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