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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Las Vegas

Our premier drug and alcohol rehab in Las Vegas is here to help anyone struggling with substance use problems break free from their addiction and live stronger, healthier lives in sobriety. Don’t let a substance use disorder hold you back any longer — start your new life in recovery at our drug and alcohol rehab today.

Many times, a substance use disorder is complicated by the existence of a co-occurring or dual disorder that can act as either a root cause or subsequent result of the substance use disorder. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 37% of people with an alcohol abuse problem and 53% of people with a drug abuse problem have at least one serious mental illness.

To be able to treat the whole person, dealing with both the mental illness and the addiction is vital. Treating only one of the disorders can hamper recovery and even negate progress, leaving you disillusioned and discouraged. At Luxe Recovery Center we thoroughly assess your condition, in order to understand the extent of the challenges you face. We are fully equipped to treat any and all mental health issues that may be involved in your diagnosis.


In many instances, it is difficult to know which condition came first. In some cases, trauma or depressive disorders can trigger a substance abuse problem, but in other cases, substance abuse can lead to mental health disorders. When they do occur together, these conditions exacerbate one another. Both substance abuse and mental illness can have their start in overlapping causes. There can be genetic and environmental components, like repeated exposure to trauma and stress. This is especially crucial in the developmental stages of a person’s life.

Genes can also contribute to both mental health disorders and substance abuse. Some genes influence neurotransmitters, which are the chemical messengers in the brain. Both substance abuse and mental illness affect a neurotransmitter like dopamine, for example. There are also certain mental health disorders that can predispose a person to develop a substance abuse problem. The National Institute of Drug Abuse states that people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnoses have increased alcohol craving symptoms.

People with mental health conditions may also turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the symptoms of their condition. Although substance abuse may seem to help with symptoms, it will actually make these worse in the long run.

Drug abuse and alcohol addiction can, on the other hand, also cause mental disorders. Substance abuse can affect the same areas of the brain that mental illness impacts, potentially leading a predisposed individual to develop mental health conditions.


When you arrive at our luxurious Las Vegas residential facility, we welcome you and then introduce you to the key team members who will be working with you. Our medical/clinical team then conducts an examination and performs an assessment so that we can determine the best course of treatment. At this point, we can evaluate the extent of any other co-occurring issues that might be present.


You will need to go through a detoxification process to remove all traces of the drug or alcohol from your body. People sometimes attempt to detox on their own, but that can be a harmful and even dangerous thing to do.

Many substances cause severe withdrawal symptoms that can put your life at risk or that can make it likelier that you will relapse.

At our center for dual-diagnosis treatment in Las Vegas, we also offer medication-assisted treatment to ensure you remain comfortable as you tackle a dual-diagnosis treatment program. Without the help of medication, you can experience severe cravings that can interfere with your recovery.

Once you have gone through our safe, non-invasive detox process with assistance from our medical staff, we can then begin addressing the root causes of your substance use disorder and help you to heal, both physically and mentally.

A Roadmap for Every Condition

A number of co-occurring disorders, if not properly treated, could sidetrack your recovery. But Luxe Treatment Center’s therapeutic staff is trained to recognize many
different conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Trauma
  • Eating Disorders

Dealing with issues of this nature can seriously hinder your ability to focus on your sobriety. So we work with you through individualized treatment administered by our licensed, knowledgeable professionals to help you deal with any underlying conditions. These sessions will enable you to understand better the relationship between the dual disorders and how they can amplify your distress. Once you recognize these factors, you will be able to better deal with the issues at hand.

Our dual-diagnosis treatment programs offer residential treatment for those who have a higher risk of relapsing or who need added structure and support. We also offer outpatient treatment that can allow you to spend hours each day with professionals while still being able to return home each night. During the intake process, we will work with you to decide on the right options for your individual circumstances.

At Luxe Treatment Center, you can benefit from group therapy as well as individualized treatment sessions. We offer humanistic therapies like music therapy, art therapy, exercise sessions, and more to help you as you go through the recovery process. Humanistic therapies recognize that each person has unique thought processes, beliefs, and behaviors, all of which affect their actions.

Self-acceptance is a huge part of humanistic therapies, showing you how to focus on the present and not dwell on past actions. It can be a particularly helpful option for those who need to go through dual-diagnosis treatment.


Trauma-informed care is a type of holistic care that acknowledges the high likelihood that a patient has gone through traumatic experiences in their life. Our dual-diagnosis program uses this type of treatment to help patients dealing with any trauma.

There are many different kinds of trauma, including:

  • Combat
  • Death or loss
  • Adverse childhood experiences
  • Domestic violence
  • Emotional abuse

We strive to create a safe environment while offering clear and honest communication. Trauma-informed care is a collaborative experience that focuses on empowering patients with positive reinforcement to help combat negative self-views.

Somatic therapies can also help with trauma and are part of our trauma-informed care programs. Somatic therapies use mind and body exercises to release traumatic memories from the person.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy can also help treat co-occurring disorders. It is a kind of therapy that looks to identify and change unhealthy and negative behaviors.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most successful options in dual-diagnosis treatment. It focuses on patterns of actions and thoughts, helping patients recognize how those thoughts lead to their actions.


It is important that you face your challenges in an environment that is comfortable and relaxing. A place that feels safe, secure, and welcoming can allow you to commit to the treatment process. You will find that here at Luxe Treatment Center, where the emphasis is on beauty, privacy, and serenity. There is abundant space to reflect and grow, to work your program without judgment or pressure.

Besides the luxurious residence and peaceful grounds, you will have access to delicious chef-prepared meals, exercise, and physical activities, as well as therapists and counselors who are always ready to talk and provide guidance and feedback every step of the way. Remember, too, that we have initiated a Full Circle Support structure for you so that you can call upon any number of concerned individuals – from our staff to your professional referrer and/or loved ones – for advice, encouragement, or to act as a thoughtful sounding board.

A Little Trust Goes a Long Way in Dual Diagnosis Treatment Las Vegas Program

Knowing you have someone in your corner, like Luxe Treatment Center, is always reassuring. We recognize the complexities of co-occurring disorders and have the training and compassion to help you overcome every obstacle so that you can become whole again. We invite you to put your trust in us as you continue your exciting journey of rebirth and renewal. Reach out to us today to begin dual-diagnosis treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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