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Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Struggling with fentanyl addiction can feel overwhelming, but at Luxe Treatment Center, we provide the tools and support necessary to make recovery attainable. With personalized treatment plans, comprehensive medical detox, and residential care, we empower individuals to overcome fentanyl addiction and build a foundation for lasting sobriety.

Making Recovery Attainable

Fentanyl addiction is a crippling form of substance use disorder. While fentanyl shares many of the same properties as other opioids, its high potency makes achieving abstinence all the more challenging. Fortunately, several evidence-based methods to treat the symptoms of fentanyl addiction exist to make the process much simpler.

Fentanyl addiction treatment at Luxe Treatment Center focuses on helping a person reach holistic health. This means treating physical withdrawal symptoms, psychological dependence, and any lingering mental health concerns that may be driving addiction.

While recovery is never easy, it is possible with the help of the treatment professionals at Luxe Treatment Center.

Understanding Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid used to treat severe pain. While the effects of this drug are similar to other opioids, such as heroin, morphine, or oxycodone, fentanyl is much more potent and powerful than these drugs. Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fentanyl abuse affects the same opioid receptors as other prescription opioids. This creates a depressant effect on the body and can cause people to feel effects such as:

  • Euphoria
  • Pain relief
  • Drowsiness
  • Relaxation

Yet, as people continue to engage in fentanyl abuse, their bodies become tolerant of the drug’s powerful effects. As a person develops a fentanyl addiction, their central nervous system reacts in the opposite direction of the drug effects. This means that people need to use larger and larger amounts of fentanyl in order to achieve the desired high. They experience debilitating fentanyl withdrawal symptoms if they don’t.

Symptoms of Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl addiction causes more than just physical effects. Addiction can devastate people’s physical and mental health, damage their social relationships, and lead to significant consequences in work, school, and home life.

The signs of fentanyl addiction include:

  • Using more fentanyl than intended or for longer than intended
  • Tolerance to fentanyl
  • Multiple failed attempts to cut down or stop fentanyl abuse
  • Worsening mental health symptoms due to fentanyl use
  • Worsening physical health due to fentanyl use
  • Continued fentanyl use despite harmful consequences

People dealing with fentanyl addiction can often face extreme financial hardship, unexpected mood swings, and debilitating physical withdrawal symptoms.

In addition, fentanyl addiction is progressive, which means it gets worse over time without proper treatment. Many people will need professional fentanyl addiction treatment in order to begin the recovery process.

Fentanyl Withdrawal

Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms are some of the most physically severe in the substance use treatment space. These painful withdrawal symptoms can lead people to return to active fentanyl addiction in order to avoid extreme discomfort. Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Hot and cold flashes
  • Nausea
  • Severe pain
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue

These effects are very similar to other opioid withdrawal symptoms but are often much more intense in a person who is dealing with fentanyl addiction. Fentanyl addiction treatment can help to treat withdrawal symptoms, making them less severe, but fentanyl detox can still be a difficult stage to break through in early addiction recovery.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Fentanyl addiction treatment takes place across several different levels of care. They each focus on particular elements of addiction that are necessary for people to overcome in order to achieve long-lasting recovery. Participation in each level of care can vastly improve the chances of a person achieving sobriety.

The first step of fentanyl addiction treatment is always a medical detox. Medical detox focuses on treating the symptoms of fentanyl withdrawal, enabling people to feel well enough to continue their path to recovery.

Detox includes around-the-clock medical monitoring and support as well as targeted medications that affect opioid receptors to reduce the difficulty of fentanyl withdrawal substantially.

Medical detox can take up to two weeks in order to help a person with fentanyl addiction stabilize their physical and mental health. While this plays a critical role in the recovery process, detoxification is typically not enough to produce long-lasting sobriety.

People who complete detox are at risk of experiencing fentanyl overdose if they return to drug use without accounting for reduced tolerance. Medical detox must be followed by quality inpatient addiction care to produce a lasting effect.

After completing detox, clients begin a fentanyl addiction treatment program at our residential treatment center.

During residential treatment, clients engage in treatments and therapies throughout the day and stay at our specialized treatment facility. This is the place where people living with substance use disorders learn the skills and tools necessary to maintain their sobriety for years to come.

Residential treatment allows people to focus their full energy on the work of recovery. It provides a safe place away from the triggers and temptations of the outside world and prepares people for the road ahead.

What Happens During Treatment?

In fentanyl addiction treatment, options are often the hallmark of treatment success. Treatment centers that offer a one-size-fits-all approach to substance abuse recovery cannot provide a solution for everyone.

Instead, having several different treatment options allows professionals to personalize treatment plans. This ensures that everyone can get the help they need to achieve sobriety.

At Luxe Treatment Center, we use several different evidence-based methods in our treatment process, including:

  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Narrative therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Positive psychology
  • Contingency management
  • Motivational enhancement therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Recreational therapy

Together, these treatments work to provide the tools to overcome opioid addiction and provide ongoing support for the substance abuse recovery process.

Of course, there is plenty of time for recreation and relaxation outside treatment hours. Learning to enjoy life in sobriety is an essential part of any effective fentanyl addiction treatment program, and our rehab centers provide countless options for people to explore new hobbies and activities to inspire joy.

Start Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug abuse, reach out to the team at Luxe Treatment Center today to get your fentanyl addiction treated by professionals. Fill out our confidential online contact form to get started.

Our team understands how difficult it can seem to break free from addiction to opioid drugs, but it is possible — and the compassionate professionals at Luxe Treatment Center can make recovery a reality.

A Special Kind of Healing

Applying the best of evidence-based treatments, complemented by a variety of humanistic therapies, we devise recovery programs that deal with the root issues of your alcohol use disorder. Besides treating any co-occurring issues, we also provide opportunities to tune up your mind and body with activities designed for a well-balanced lifestyle.

Our luxurious private facility lends itself to physical, mental, and spiritual pursuits alike. Both on our grounds and in the pleasant park across the street, you will find ideal spaces for any number of relaxing interests. Even our chef-prepared meals are inspired by the desire to make your stay here healthy and fulfilling. Soon you will realize the many daily rewards of sober living.

Comfortably Restore Your Confidence

A successful recovery relies on several key factors, not the least of which is your overall comfort level. At Luxe Treatment Center, we address that aspect with luxurious private surroundings and a warm, family atmosphere that says welcome the moment you walk through our front door. We believe that by providing you with comfortable, upscale accommodations and a sense of belonging, you can focus entirely on becoming healthy again.

However, detoxification and stabilization are the first important steps before you can begin your new quest. Our non-invasive detox method separates you from your alcohol dependency in a way that minimizes any discomfort or apprehension. Gradually, you begin to move forward in a positive direction, unburdened by the need for any substance. Should you need additional assistance with your transition, our clinical team can prescribe proper medication and dosage for you.

Full Circle Support Envelops You

Most importantly, you will have total support throughout your healing process and beyond.Our compassionate inpatient staff works to support your success by establishing a fully encompassing support network for you that includes our caring professional staff, your referring professional, and your familiar loved ones. A wholly inclusive support structure of this type validates your hard work and lets you know that someone is always there for you.

Redefining the Real You

The world-class therapeutic care at Luxe Treatment Center has given so many patients renewed hope and incentive to change their lives and accomplish great things. We believe that we can do the same for you. This is your time to make a definitive statement about the person you truly are and to allow yourself the pleasure of dreaming once more. Contact us today to begin your journey to addiction recovery.

Get The Help You Need Today

When you or a loved one are ready to embark on the journey to recovery from addiction, Luxe Treatment Center is here to support you. Our personalized approach to substance use disorder treatment empowers individuals to conquer addiction and rediscover a fulfilling life. Reach out to Luxe Treatment Center by filling out our online form or calling us at (725) 215-3017 to take the first step toward healing. Let us guide you on the path to reclaiming your life and embracing a brighter future.

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