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When Is Inpatient Treatment For Drug Addiction Necessary?

If you find yourself struggling to maintain sobriety, there comes a point when inpatient addiction treatment becomes a necessary and beneficial step in your recovery journey. At Luxe Treatment Center, we understand that the challenges of drug addiction can sometimes require a higher level of care and support.

Our comprehensive range of treatment programs includes inpatient residential treatment options, ensuring that your needs are met most effectively. Below are a few scenarios where inpatient addiction treatment is a necessary form of care to successfully overcome addiction.

You Are Unable to Stay Sober

If drug addiction persists despite efforts to quit, our inpatient rehab programs offer a focused and supportive environment.

This level of care is particularly beneficial when individual efforts fall short, offering the tools, guidance, and emotional support needed to overcome addiction.

Support groups or support system after inpatient treatment and relapse prevention.

You've Been Unsuccessful With Outpatient Treatment

If outpatient treatment hasn’t yielded the desired results, it’s a clear sign that a more intensive approach may be necessary for your recovery journey.

Our treatment facility offers specialized inpatient addiction treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada, designed to provide a higher level of care and support when standard outpatient programs may not suffice.

Holistic therapies and medical care for detox process

Your Living Situation Doesn't Align With Recovery

When your living situation poses challenges to your recovery, our treatment center’s inpatient addiction treatment offers a transformative solution. If the environment around you doesn’t align with your goals of sobriety, our inpatient rehab programs provide a supportive and controlled space for healing.

Designed to remove you from triggers and provide a focused atmosphere, our programs guide you toward lasting transformation, even when your current living situation doesn’t support your goals.

inpatient program and inpatient detox to address substance use disorders.

You Are Struggling With Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions

Co-occurring mental health conditions can add complexity to your recovery journey.

If you find yourself struggling with both substance abuse and mental health issues, our specialized inpatient rehab programs offer integrated care to address both aspects simultaneously.

Inpatient and outpatient treatment. Community resources.

You Are Experiencing Legal Issues as a Result of Your Drug Abuse

If substance abuse has led to legal challenges, our specialized inpatient drug rehab offers a structured and supportive environment to address both addiction and legal consequences.

By immersing yourself in our focused and compassionate environment, you gain not only the tools to overcome addiction but also the resources needed to address legal issues and move towards a brighter, more stable future.

individual and group counseling family therapy, family counseling, inpatient care.

You Are Dealing With Health Issues as a Result of Addiction

If substance abuse has taken a toll on your health, our specialized inpatient treatment provides a supportive and controlled environment for both physical and emotional recovery.

By immersing yourself in our nurturing atmosphere, you not only break free from addiction but also gain the resources and guidance necessary to regain your health and well-being, paving the way toward a healthier future.

Alcohol treatment, Inpatient alcohol rehab, outpatient care.

Common Addiction-Related Health Complications

Common alcohol and drug addiction-related health complications can encompass a range of issues, including cardiovascular problems like heart disease and high blood pressure, respiratory disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and compromised immune system function.

Additionally, addiction can lead to liver damage or failure, as well as neurological disorders that affect cognitive function. Gastrointestinal problems, malnutrition, and increased risk of infections are also when struggling with addiction.

What to Expect During Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Treatment process for residential treatment programs, inpatient rehab program and treatment costs.


You can expect a supportive and medically supervised process aimed at safely managing withdrawal symptoms as your body adjusts to the absence of substances. Our treatment team of medical professionals will closely monitor your progress, ensuring your comfort and safety throughout.

Personal Assessment

The first step in the recovery process from drug and alcohol addiction is performing a full physical exam to determine the best treatment approaches to work through your specific needs during inpatient treatment.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) involves combining FDA-approved medications with therapeutic interventions to address drug abuse. This approach is used for managing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings.

Mental Health Treatment

Often, substance abuse and underlying mental disorders are interconnected, requiring simultaneous attention for comprehensive healing. Addressing mental health during inpatient rehab ensures that the emotional and psychological aspects contributing to addiction are effectively managed.

Why Entering a Treatment Program Is Worth It

While disrupting your routine can be stressful and intimidating, residential treatment offers a healing environment that plays a large role in long-term recovery.

Specialty Programs

At Luxe Treatment Center, we offer a wide range of programs and opportunities to enhance your stay with us and create a healing and enriching environment.

Some programs include:

  • Art therapy
  • Exercise and physical training
  • Basketball
  • Yoga therapy
  • Music therapy
Clinical criteria and services tailored for addiction medicine and relapse prevention. Substance use disorder drug cravings.

Skills for Long-Term Recovery

The most important part of seeking out assistance for addiction is learning new skills and coping mechanisms during your stay. You will learn how to avoid triggers, new hobbies, and more ways to enrich your sober life.

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