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Does Outpatient Rehab Work

Outpatient rehab is an extremely effective type of addiction treatment for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Learn more below about the benefits of outpatient rehab and how it works. 

Outpatient Treatment vs. Inpatient Treatment

There are two primary types of treatment available for drug rehab, outpatient treatment and inpatient treatment. While both inpatient and outpatient treatment has the goal of helping individuals reach sobriety for the long-term, there are significant differences between the two programs. It’s important to participate in the best program for your needs in order to reduce your chance of relapse. The addiction experts at your drug rehab facility will determine which program is the most appropriate for your addiction. 

An outpatient program means you live at home (rather than on-site) and attend therapy sessions at the rehab facility during the day. 

Outpatient programs are an ideal fit for those who have a mild addiction and minimal mental health concerns, are motivated to attend therapy sessions, and have transportation to attend their sessions.  

An inpatient program means you live on-site at the rehab facility during those first few weeks or months in recovery. Also known as residential treatment, this type of program is ideal for those who are participating in a rehab program for the first time or has severe mental health concerns and needs 24/7 support. 

After inpatient treatment is complete, many people participate in an outpatient program to continue addiction treatment. 

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab

The specific benefits of an outpatient treatment program for drug abuse include: 

  • Able to maintain employment and perform daily responsibilities

  • Living at home and attending treatment on-site during the day

  • Lower costs for addiction treatment

  • Identifying tools for coping with triggers

  • Participating in therapies, including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, music therapy, yoga, art therapy, tai chi, and culinary therapy

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab

The specific benefits of residential treatment include: 

  • Receiving around-the-clock care and support

  • Gradually regaining independence

  • Identifying tools for coping with triggers

  • Participating in therapies including individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, music therapy, yoga, art therapy, tai chi, and culinary therapy

How Does Outpatient Treatment Work?

For those who participate in outpatient treatment for a substance use disorder, the first step might be detox. Detox enables you to be safely monitored by medical staff while going through the detox and withdrawal process. Medications can also be prescribed to help reduce the effect of withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms often begin within the first 24 to 48 hours from when you last used the drug and can last up to a week. 

After detox, you’ll begin a variety of addiction therapies. As mentioned above these can include individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and many others. Each of them will help you to better understand your addiction and identify the root cause of your drug use. You’ll also be able to identify any triggers for using and learn new ways of coping in life. 

Additionally, you’ll receive treatment for any co-occurring mental health disorders that might be contributing to your addiction. This can include anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, and many others. 

How Long Does Outpatient Treatment Last?

The exact length of time you’ll be in outpatient treatment will depend on the severity of your addiction and your specific needs. Many people participate in treatment for two months or longer. Many outpatient addiction treatment programs offer a tiered approach to treatment (often beginning with Intensive Outpatient Programs) so that you can scale back the number of days you attend therapy as you progress through the program. 

Treatment for a Variety of Drug Addictions

Both outpatient rehab programs and inpatient treatment programs provide addiction treatment for a variety of drug addictions, including: 

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