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When you’re struggling with a substance use disorder, it can seem like there’s no way out. But there is hope — a drug rehab in Summerlin, Nevada, with Luxe Treatment Centercan help you to overcome addiction and get the substance abuse treatment you need to spark a lasting recovery.Understanding AddictionAddiction is an incredibly complex and extremely damaging disorder. It can lead people to sacrifice their physical health, their mental clarity, and their social standing — all in the service of feeding the addiction. What’s worse is that many people struggling with substance abuse feel as though recovery is out of reach for them. This phenomenon is so powerful that many people choose to continue suffering rather than getting evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment that can change their lives. While it’s true that many people cannot break free from addiction on their own, there is hope for recovery for everybody seeking it.  Drug addiction treatment in Summerlin, Nevada, with Luxe Treatment Center, is founded on treatment methods that have been proven to help people break free from addiction, overcome their withdrawal symptoms, and achieve a much higher quality of life.

Why Addiction Is So Hard to Overcome

When people live with drug and alcohol addiction, they become both physically and psychologically dependent on the substances they use. While different substances cause different effects, addiction as a whole has a similar pattern of keeping people misusing drugs or alcohol and avoiding getting sober. Symptoms include:
  • Intense physical withdrawal symptoms
  • Invasive and unwanted drug and alcohol cravings
  • A lack of energy or motivation for activities outside of substance abuse
  • A worsening or development of mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD
  • Societal pressures that discriminate against people with substance use disorders
This combination of factors makes recovery seem impossible. But this is an illusion — in fact, most people who seek substance abuse treatment services will achieve recovery and can stop their substance abuse altogether.

When to Start Treatment

Any person struggling with controlling or stopping their substance abuse can benefit from addiction treatment. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve struggled with drugs and alcohol for months, years, or decades; if you cannot stop, the time to seek treatment at a recovery center is now. You don’t need to hit rock bottom to start recovery. You only need to stop digging and reach out for help from a drug rehab in Summerlin, Nevada.

How a Drug Rehab in Summerlin, Nevada, Can Help

The treatment of drug and alcohol use disorders has been studied for generations and has become remarkably effective at helping people overcome their addiction and achieve recovery. At Luxe Treatment Center’s drug and alcohol rehab in Summerlin, Nevada, we emphasize three key methods that can help you to do the same:

Evidence-Based Therapies

Evidence-based therapies are treatments that have proven effective in helping people break free from substance use disorders. They include treatment methods such as:
  • Individual therapy, where people can learn the root cause of their addiction and build the skills necessary to stay sober
  • Group therapy, where a group of peers struggling with addiction provides support for each other in overcoming challenges and learning to flourish in sobriety
  • Motivational interviewing, a technique used to help people find their own reasons for staying sober, solidify their values, and motivate them to stay on the path to recovery
  • Medication-assisted treatment, which uses targeted medications to reduce the symptoms of substance use disorders and reduce the risk of relapse
Our program for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Summerlin, Nevada, combines all these therapies at one specialized treatment facility Every one of our clients receives an individualized treatment plan, including behavioral therapy and medical interventions to support recovery.

Compassionate Support

Drug abuse treatments without compassion are doomed to failure. Addiction treatment requires that the people providing care can truly empathize and understand your position and are dedicated to helping you overcome your substance abuse addiction. The clinical professionals at our program for drug addiction treatment in Summerlin, Nevada, offer chemical dependency treatment because they care. They have dedicated themselves to helping people overcome their drug and alcohol addiction and will be there to support you every step of the way.

Holistic Recovery

Treating substance use disorders alone is often insufficient to bring about a lasting recovery. Mental health issues, medical problems, and challenges in social circles can make early abstinence overwhelming and stressful. By adopting a holistic recovery model, our drug and alcohol rehab centers can provide support for all of our client’s diverse needs. This support includes treating co-occurring mental health disorders with specialized treatment protocols, helping our clients develop stress management skills, and providing essential life skills training that allows them to flourish in recovery.

Luxury at Every Step of the Treatment Process

Treatment centers don’t need to be a sad or depressing period of your life. Luxe Treatment Center offers luxurious accommodations and boutique services throughout every level of addiction treatment, including:
  • State-of-the-art medical detox facilities
  • Luxurious inpatient treatment centers in Summerlin, Nevada
  • The best addiction treatment services in an outpatient setting
Our drug and alcohol treatment centers are unlike any other, providing our clients with a safe and supportive environment, world-class amenities and treatment, and targeted support for mental health conditions from trained professionals.

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We understand how difficult overcoming addiction can seem. But no matter how deep into your addiction you are, how impossible the task may seem, or how unlikely you think it is that treatment can help — you can recover.  Our experience has shown us time and time again that everybody has the capacity for recovery, provided they get the targeted support they need from addiction professionals. Reach out to the team at Luxe Treatment Center by giving us a call or filling out our confidential online contact formto learn more about our drug rehab in Summerlin, Nevada. Don’t delay treatment any longer — make the call today to start your path to recovery.

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